Solving your most complex healthcare challenges — and preparing your organization for what comes next.

You’ve built an incredible business — and we’re here to help build on that. By meeting our partners exactly where they are, we help healthcare organizations grow, scale, and prepare for what comes next.

With a listen-and-learn approach, we work to understand the unique needs of your business. From this jumping-off point, together we will create and implement high-performing, cost-efficient solutions to address your biggest pain points — the complex challenges, technology hurdles, and barriers to success keeping you, your clinicians, and your leadership up at night.

At the same time, we always have an eye on the future of healthcare technology. During our discovery and planning period, we’ll strategize how to best future-proof these new processes, workflows, and infrastructures. We recognize it’s never just about your right-now goals; it’s about about empowering you and your organization to elevate, accelerate, and innovate your processes and the clinician and patient experiences you deliver daily.

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Integrated Services & Support

Infrastructure Modernization
Cloud migrations, ground-up builds, and custom solutions

Revenue Cycle Enhancements
Optimizing existing revenue cycles and tech stacks

EHR Implementation
EPIC, Community Connect, and Large Connect Hospitals

Staff Augmentation
In-house experts, fractional leadership, and interim support

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Our team becomes your team

We’re trusted consultants, advisors, and partners first — but sometimes you need that immediate access and strategic thinking in-house. And we’ve got you covered.

Our expert consultants can fully integrate within your organization, for the short- or long-term. By providing a fully-immersed implementation and change management leader, your business can accelerate key initiatives without adding headcount or pulling existing team members from their day-to-day.

Roles we’ve filled for our clients:

  • Strategic Advisors
  • Chief of Staff
  • Interim CIO
  • Program Leader
  • Adoption Consultant
  • Project Manager

Our Brightwork consultant quickly built rapport and became a trusted advisor to her clients, as well as a great client advocate. She was a strong ‘right hand,’ a nimble executive arm, and could shift gears quickly without much notice. Able to remove a lot of noise from her clients’ plates, she made it possible for them to focus on other, more strategic work.”