a first-of-its-kind on-demand EHR training product, designed to get your staff trained and on the floor fast.

Training staff in your latest EHR software environment is critical to proper patient care. But throughout our continued work with some of the country’s largest healthcare systems, we realized healthcare organizations are stuck with costly, resource-constraining training solutions post-implementation.

SPARC Academy is an eLearning product tailored to your EHR instance. Rooted in adult learning principles, SPARC Academy delivers engaging, on-demand training experiences that meet users where they are.

Why SPARC Academy?

Brightwork brings instructional designers to you who are experts in EHR/EMR systems and work with your team to learn the workflows, policies, and procedures unique to your instance.
With the unpredictable labor market, training teams are understaffed and overburdened. Our team of skilled developers build the eLearning solution and maintain its digital content so your internal team doesn’t have to.
In a recent survey we conducted at a client healthcare system, many of the trainees expressed the need for EHR training and on-the-floor training to be broken up to avoid information overload. SPARC Academy can be set up through the client LMS and taken in the clinician’s own time.
When it comes to patient care, the more experienced your staff is with your latest EHR applications, the better the care. And the sooner they can get on the floor, the sooner patients can receive the quality care they deserve. By design, SPARC Academy gets people on the floor faster, where they want to be and need to be.
SPARC Academy instructional designers use dynamic visuals, software simulation, and character animation to engage end users and better prepare them for real-life scenarios at your healthcare organization.


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