Our mission, vision, and values are core to who we are and what we do


Our work improves communities, whether it is where people live, work, learn, play, or heal.


  • Brightwork’s focus is on value.
    • We are dedicated to the importance, worth, and usefulness of our services.
    • Every project is significant to the client, needs to be cost-effectively managed, and must achieve their objectives.
    • We understand the risks and we work as change agents and risk mitigators who use proven project management methodologies to find and implement solutions.
    • We not only understand our clients and their goals, wealso know their industry, community, competition, and customers because we believe relationships are based on collaboration and service.
  • Brightwork solves client problems holistically.
    • We are a studio of subject matter experts and thought leaders who see every project as a way to improve communities, whether it is where people live, work, learn, play, or heal.
    • Our work is grounded in solutions that are positive for the client, for the public, for the community, and for the environment.
    • We do no harmand we guide projects towards constructive outcomes.
    • Our work isn’t just about profit – everything we do improves people’s lives.


  • Professionalism Our staff’s skills, talents, and experience are our most valuable assets, and we always perform to the highest standards
  • Reliability We are more than punctual, we are always early, always prepared, and always engaged
  • Dedication Our constant commitment is to our clients and their success
  • Integrity We do the right thing, every time
  • Diversity We celebrate our differences and encourage sharing ideas and diverse opinions
  • Communication We are clear, concise, and constructive; we are transparent and informative
  • Collaboration We are a community of peers committed to our clients’ success and our mutual objectives
  • Balance We believe our personal lives are just as important as our work, and fostering a balance is essential to producing great work
  • Excellence We are exceptional in everything we do – from small tasks to major projects
  • Kindness We are kind to ourselves and others, we always strive towards positive outcomes