Infrastructure Modernization

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Technology Overview

Brightwork’s Perspective 

Brightwork was founded to guide our clients and deliver better experiences by combating healthcare’s growing technological complexity, shortage of skilled personnel, and increasing consumer demands. Our executives and consultants have delivered the largest healthcare IT projects in North America and our clients trust Brightwork with their most critical projects across their clinical, operations, finance, and IT teams.

In our post-COVID19 world, we have seen our clients get bogged down in the tedium and complexity of large, integrated projects, often missing deadlines and exceeding their initial budget estimates. Consistent delivery is more important than ever! We can help. At Brightwork, we understand our clients have unique industry- and build-specific requirements for EHR, Revenue Cycle, Document Management, 3rd Party application, Security, Interoperability, and Data Warehousing, to name a few.

No two projects are identical, and most of our projects contain elements of strategy development, risk and change management, AND application and infrastructure modernization. To help our customers execute more quickly Brightwork has developed relationships with infrastructure and security providers to cut through the effort of exhaustive requirements gathering, vendor section, contract negotiations, etc. Below are 3 areas where we leverage our relationships to provide value and speed to market for our clients.


A colocation center (also spelled co-location, or colo) or “carrier hotel,” is a data center facility in which a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware. Many colocation providers sell to a wide range of customers, ranging from large enterprises to small companies. Typically, a colo provides the building, cooling, power, bandwidth, and physical security while the customer provides servers and storage. Customers retain control over the design and usage of their equipment, but daily management of the data center and facility is overseen by the multi-tenant colocation provider. READ MORE

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is an instant computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed over the internet. IaaS quickly scales up and down with demand, letting you pay only for what you use. It helps you avoid the capital expense and complexity of buying and managing your own physical servers and other datacenter infrastructure. Each resource is offered as a separate service component, and you only need to rent a particular one for as long as you need it. In addition to virtual servers, some vendors also offer physical servers as options within their IaaS. This is often needed for applications and databases that are more resource intensive or legacy applications that do not run well on virtual servers. READ MORE


Cybersecurity is the practice of defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks. It’s also known as information technology security or electronic information security. READ MORE

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