Setting up a Project Management Office (PMO) During a Complex Project Leads to Success

Key to the success of a major electronic health record implementation project was Brightwork Consulting’s project management expertise. When a regional dialysis center with 18 clinics had to upgrade their EHR system, they hired Brightwork to lead the effort.

During the 12-month process, Brightwork was able to ‘go-live’ in just over a year because we developed a project management office (PMO) to lead project managers in various departments and oversee the four silos created to develop and implement the program – applications, technology, project management, and adoption.

We were able to ‘go-live’ in 12 months because we setup a project management office to lead project managers to develop and implement the program.

Utilizing proven project management methodologies and tools, our experts developed phases, schedules and budgets for each task, and embedded risk mitigation strategies throughout the process to avoid issues. We promoted a rigorous, structured pathway as the backbone of the entire process and put processes and protocols in place so we had solutions for every obstacle.

Our team developed a comprehensive project plan that included status checks, application testing, revenue cycle testing, and phasing analyses. We adopted the client’s culture and utilized the positive aspects to guide the project from start to completion.

Due to Brightwork’s project management proficiency, the entire program went ‘live’ on-time and 20-percent under budget. In addition, after the new system was in place, the help desk was able to close down two weeks ahead of schedule because there were so few issues.