Reorganizing an essential team to improve the entire organization

Brightwork Consulting was hired by one of the largest national healthcare providers to lead a technical assessment of the people, processes, and technology for a team in charge of quality, policy, and regulatory analytics for the entire organization.

The group is responsible for the national, enterprise-wide analytical report development that measures key performance indicators and metrics for clinical output, regulatory requirements, and other major issues. As a team, they produce hundreds of critical, analytical reports for the healthcare network and local, regional, and national governing bodies and payer programs.

Facing major issues and obstacles, the healthcare provider brought Brightwork’s experts in to determine why reports were not on-time and why the team was under-performing, as well as identify and mitigate significant risks related to errors in reporting, payer relationships, financial impacts, and patient safety.

We led a three-month assessment of the department, team, processes, and technology in use, and determined the team was missing key methodologies and organizational systems to perform optimally. We recommended and led a restructuring of the team that improved services, capacity, forecasting, budgeting, and prioritization of needs.

The improvements allowed the team and the larger organization to enhance patient relations and reporting to government and payer partners.



Ultimately, Brightwork’s experts helped both the team and the entire organization realize optimization goals and reinvent the department as an essential resource. The client chose to hire Brightwork for several other key IT initiatives.