No matter who you work with at Brightwork Consulting, every member of our team makes your mission their mission. Your partner no matter the situation, we pair you with a consultant with the right skills to solve your most important dilemmas. We’re dedicated to serving you and your goals; from beginning to end of each project, we seek to make the great work you do even better.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Due to the sensitive nature of many of our engagements and strict adherence to confidentiality, names have been withheld for these testimonials; however references are available upon request.

Our Brightwork consultant quickly built rapport and became a trusted advisor to her clients, as well as a great client advocate. She was a strong ‘right hand,’ a nimble executive arm, and could shift gears quickly without much notice. Able to remove a lot of noise from her clients’ plate, she made it possible for them to focus on other, more strategic work.

Our Brightwork consultant had a high drive for outcomes. She focused on the core issue and could easily identify the right lever to push to get results.

Our Brightwork consultant could mix with lots of different folks and flex and adapt to a variety of personalities in the clients.

When you work with Brightwork, you get a trusted advisor and peace of mind.

This was the smoothest electronic health record implementation project I have ever worked on.

Our Brightwork consultant was very strong and confident. She is very knowledgeable about what she does, and she has a great way of building relationships with people.

Our Brightwork consultant puts people at ease with humor where appropriate and can easily start conversations and keep them going.

I appreciate Brightwork’s ability to communicate with people and work with our culture (it’s more of a progressive culture than a lot of other working environments). Our consultant had the ability to effectively identify specific needs when they can be sort of ambiguous, and to go down into all sorts of details without conflict.

I would absolutely work with Brightwork again.

Our Brightwork consultant has compassion for people and helping others and doing the right thing. She doesn’t shortcut anything. She is very meticulous about what she does and it really makes her a great consultant.

Our Brightwork consultant was unique in her ability to use and organize data that’s out there, to visually turn it around and show people facts versus feelings, and be able to sift through those and separate the two. There is something to be said for pulling together a story backed up by data and analytics.

Our Brightwork consultant was very good at asking lots of questions in a way that did not make people feel threatened or judged. She could then pull the data together to understand what the real issue was.

Our Brightwork consultant offloaded a good deal of work and stress for me. I had a lot more peace of mind and was able to focus on the ten thousand other things that I needed to look at because of her help.

Our Brightwork consultant could anticipate a need, anticipate a fear, and assure those or deliver a service in a way that addresses those fears without them having to name them. When you work with Brightwork, you get laser focus on outcomes.

Because of our Brightwork consultant I think we were much more successful, being able to focus on the real work and resolving issues quickly. We could move on because she was able to dive in and calm people down, to help them organize and focus, and get the right people connected early on.

Our Brightwork consultant didn’t make snap judgments, she would make sure to do her research before drawing a conclusion.

Brightwork was good at getting in and communicating with all parties. They took whatever opinion people had or direction they needed to go and their priorities, then came to a collaborative, holistic view, and brought people together as a team. I was quite impressed with their ability to keep tensions at ease and really get to the heart of things in a pragmatic manner.

From a leadership perspective, our Brightwork consultant was very good at bringing people together to collaborate on solutions. I think that she puts together great communication vehicles, the right communication for the situation. And people trusted her.